People Who Need People

Time published an encouraging article for Americans at the turn of the new year. Despite all of the upcoming 2012 stress (elections and economy woes), it reports that our country is more generous than we may realize. In a worldwide charitable giving study, the U.S. ranked #1 in giving personal money and time to organizations and strangers.

Article author, Elaine Chao wrote,

The ranking cannot be dismissed as simply to be expected of the richest nation. The Foundation’s survey report concluded that ‘the countries whose populations are the most likely to give are not necessarily the world’s most affluent.’ Of the top 20 nations in giving, only five are in the top 20 of economic wealth.

In other words, the amount of cash in your pocket doesn’t determine your ability to give. Although the U.S. may be an abundantly wealthy nation, Americans are personally feeling the effects of a harsh economy. Regardless of their situation, though, they have continued to bless others. Yes, the “giving season” is considered over, but don’t let the spirit of charity die in our country. Maybe a few of us are short on cash or short on luck, but we all have something to contribute. Do you have time or talents to give?

C.S. Lewis said,

No one can settle how much we ought to give. The safe rule is to give more than we can spare.

Make the whole 2012 year your season to give! Think of someone you can bless today.