Life & Job Skills

Educational Programs

At Tabernacle of Faith Community Outreach Center, we believe in helping people be personally responsible for providing for the needs of their family and self. This is why our dedicated volunteers provide several educational programs to our guests and people in the community. Through education people have better chances of finding gainful employment and increasing their quality of life.

These Services Include

-Communication Skills
-CPR & First Aid Certification
-Health & Safety
-Interviewing Skills
-Money Management
-Parenting Classes
-Office Etiquette
-Resume Writing
-Spiritual Development

Get Involved

Do you enjoy teaching? Do you have experience presenting in front of groups? We need volunteers that are willing and able to deliver workshops like these. Please contact us at

If you know someone or if you are interested in these services, please contact us at
(252) 331-1397 for availability and times.

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