Recovery Housing

For those being released from prison it can be difficult to start life over again. It is often difficult to secure a job in order to pay for the essentials of life. After suffering several failed attempts, too often a former inmate will turn to crime in order to make money to survive. That usually results in a return to prison. For addicts it can also be difficult to start a new life. Without personal accountability and support temptations can overtake the ability to kick the addiction and fully recover.

The Plan

While services for these struggles are not currently offered at Tabernacle of Faith Community Outreach Center; we are currently partnering with organizations and individuals to open a recovery house and develop a recovery / transition program for men.

We want to begin building personal relationships and provide support to inmates about to be released. Once released and in our recovery house they will receive continued support and accountability with a free place to stay while learning a trade or beginning a new job.

Those recovering from addictions will have the opportunity to build personal relationships with support group partners for support and accountability and have a free place to stay while receiving recovery treatment.

During their stay guests will have access to other available services including job / life skills training workshops, assistance in obtaining housing, and other counseling services.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on this project.